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...and then is when Lacta Works story begins


Have you ever heard the phrase “it’s a small world”? Wilma has connected, in an unexpected way, with the most amazing and talented people from around the U.S.: California, Maryland, Ohio, Georgia, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico. Each one of them with their unique background and passionate about generating changes in society and experienced in maternal health, business development, Human Resources, design, building, and, most importantly, breastfeeding. 


We are thrilled to help your businesses in a deep way, contributing to communities with social responsibility.

About Us

Our story...

For over 20 years Wilma Matos has been working in the health industry as an administrator, business manager, entrepreneur, and counselor in the mission to educate and empower families to reach their wellness goals. She is passionate about prenatal, breastfeeding, and parenting education and has positively impacted hundreds of families and businesses. But she knows there is still so much work to do when it comes to reduce breastfeeding barriers in our society. 

During her personal and professional journey she has encountered many time with one of the biggest breastfeeding challenges; when the mom, parent, or caregiver has to go back to work. Our workplace culture and business industry is not designed to address this types of issues. Many businesses don’t know, don’t have the resources, or the personnel to manage a project that involves developing and implementing policies to create a Parental-Child-Breastfeeding support workplace. 



We envision a sensitive workplace where human milk and a breastfeeding culture is accepted as the norm to nurture our babies and to build healthier families and communities.


Encourage and provide companies with education, counseling and services to become prenatal and lactation friendly workplaces.  


It's important to us to be respectful and  be inclusive in all the services we offer.

Classes and services are aimed to serve pregnant employees, birthing and non-gestational mothers, parents, co-parents, caregivers, adoptive families, and any person who will be actively participating in the child’s life;

because breastfeeding and nurturing a child is not just a one-person job.

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